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I made the payment but where is my download file?

An email with the download link to your file is sent from DesignBetty for every order. However, you might have mistype your email address on Paypal website OR your Paypal email address might be different from your regular email address. You can try checking your Paypal email address inbox and check the JUNK folder which sometimes where the email ends up if your email server sets a high level filter.

You can also try the form below to locate your file. Please enter your Paypal email address:

If you still have issues locating the file, please send us a copy of the Paypal receipt email to and we will be happy to email you another copy.

What size are the invitations and postcard/flyers?

The standard rectangle invitations are 5x7 inches. The square invitations are 5x5 inches. The long rectangle invitations are 4x9 inches. The postcards and flyers are 4x6 inches and 5x7 inches depending on what you need.

What type of paper stock is recommended?

Any thick & smooth paper is great for printing these invitations. Avoid using textured or colored paper. You can find stock papers at any local office supply store such as Office Depot or Kinkos.

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Please take a moment to read through the F.A.Q section here before contacting us. These F.A.Q. are in place to help you avoid waiting for our response when you can find the answer instantly here on the website. Thank you in advance for using our site and please use the form below to contact DesignBetty.